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Corsair Launches New Ultra Fast RAPIDFIRE Keyboards


Corsair is on a roll with new product launches.  This time around it’s their newest the K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE, K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE and K70 RAPIDFIRE.  Featuring all new Cherry MX switches, it’s the first line of keyboards in the world to feature the Cherry MX Speed Switches with a linear mechanical key switches actuate at a distance of just 1.2mm and a 45g actuation force.


The entire line keeps the aircraft grade anodized aluminum body that the series is known for so the primary changes are isolated to the actual switches themselves.


New Cherry MX Speed Switches







  • Ultrafast mechanical gaming keyboard: Ultrafast 1.2mm actuation and light 45g switch force for truly unrivaled response time.
  • 100% Anti-ghosting and full key rollover over USB circuitry:No matter how fast you go your keypresses will always register.
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Light weight and rugged durability you need for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action.
  • 100% Cherry MX Speed RGB key switches: Ultrafast performance with the precision and durability of Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key switches. (K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE and K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE Only.)
  • Advanced lighting control and large font keycaps: Experience dynamic, vibrant multi-color backlighting.
  • The power of CUE:Sophisticated macro programming and fast, fluid dynamic multicolor illumination for an enlightened gaming experience.
  • Detachable soft-touch wrist rest: The comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions.
  • Dedicated multimedia controls: The control you need to adjust your audio without interrupting your game.
  • USB Pass-through port: Positioned for uninterrupted game play and ready for your mouse or wireless headset adapter,
  • FPS and MOBA keycap sets: Textured and contoured keycaps provide maximum grip and enhanced feel,
  • MSRP: K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE - $169.99, K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE - $139.99, K70 RAPIDFIRE - $129.99



What are your thoughts on these new switches and is this something that might interest you enough to put your current keyboard to rest?  Sound off in the comments and let us know how what you think about Corsairs new RAPIDFIRE line