Corsair K70 MK.2 gaming keyboard has a promo code for $80 off!


The Corsair K70 MK.2 gaming keyboard is currently on Newegg's Black Friday sale. This normally $169.99 keyboard has some amazing features and is currently on sale with the promo code '2BKDTPC28' which knocks off $80 off the original price of $169.99, which drops down the price to $89.99.

The Corsair K70 MK.2 has Cherry MX low profile speed is on sale knocking off $80.

This keyboard is perfect for any budget-minded gamers or perfect as an upcoming Christmas present. This keyboard has Cherry MX low profile switches which makes it be perfect for more shooter style games as the ultra-Fast actuation allows for quick activation with no audible sound, unlike most mechanical keyboards on the market which usually makes mechanical clicking sounds whenever activated.

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The design of this keyboard is amazing having the lower profile allows for less wrist strain when typing for extended periods of time and the anodized brushed aluminum frame helps with supporting the board making sure there is little to no flex to the keyboard. This aluminum also helps with rigidity and longevity of the keyboard itself as with this metal backing rather than a common plastic backing that some of the cheaper (and more pricer) keyboards have been using in the base years.

Along with dynamic per-key RGB backlighting allows for you to customize the lights coming from your keyboard, which can be configured using Corsair's own program which allows for many different types of lights and effects to configured.

The lower profile makes this keyboard noticeably smaller in height when comparing it to other mechanical keyboards, as most have a height of 40mm in height while the Corsair K70 MK.2 is on 29mm in height.

I can recommend this deal to just about anyone, gamer or family of a gamer because even though this keyboard is clearly designed for the gaming community it is still an amazing keyboard for an everyday user having a good ergonomic design keeping your wrist strain-free. Along with this keyboard are plug and play meaning that you can just plug it right into your computer with no needed software installed, although without the software installed there will be no way to control the RGB lights beneath each and every key.