Corsair Has Let The Bulldog Out of The Cage, Along With The Lapdog

Corsair is an interesting company, in that it diversifies in a number of different PC components. They've always been a force to be reckoned with, having highly reliable RAM, power supplies and even great looking cases and coolers. Now they're looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack with a DYI mini-ITX case solution.

Corsair Lapdog

The Bulldog from Corsair is a complete mini-ITX system, with an SFX power supply, custom CPU and is compatible with Corsair's GPU cooler add-on.

Corsair's Bulldog is Corsairs answer to the HTPC. They want to provide a solution to put in the living room along side sleek TV's and audio equipment that can run high-end PC components silently and much cooler than ever before. It certainly is a statement piece more than something that traditionally blends in to the clean subtle decor of a media center. But though it's marketed towards gamers with the red accent and angular lines, it provides quite a bit of great functionality that everyone can come to love, despite the relatively loud exterior.

Within the confines of the Bulldog lie an interesting arrangement that allows for the use of some very high-end components. A custom mini-ITX AIO liquid cooler is employed to keep up to 150W CPU's cool. It also comes with a custom 600W SFX power supply that should be sufficient to drive high-end CPU's and GPU's combined. In fact, this should be enough for any single GPU solution currently available. While it isn't included, apparently the Bulldog will be compatible with their HG10 N80 GPU mounting adapter where you can use the Corsair H55 to cool your GPU. Corsair is also working with MSI to have drop-in liquid cooled solutions available when it launches.

The Bulldog also has a spot to attach a 2.5" HDD (or SSD) and an internal cage for 3.5" HDD's should you want extra storage. The dimensions sit at a rather large 43.18cm x 38.1cm x 12.7cm. Compared to some HTPC cases, the exterior is rather loud and intense, but it does speak to a certain demographic and will likely sell well. It surely looks cool enough.

Also being launched is the Lapdog, a memory foam lined pad designed to allow gaming while on the couch. The Lapdog is a wired solution that can house the Corsair K65 keyboard and has a port located just above where the mousepad rests so that you can use a wired mouse.

Altogether they should add up to be very potent accessories for 4K gaming on your television.

The Bulldog is expected to be around $399 when it's finally available and the Lapdog will be $89 by itself or $199 with a K65 keyboard already included.

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