Core i5 and i7 MacBook Pro’s released.


After a long wait Apple has decided to add more to the MacBook Pro family, with introducing Core i5 and Core i7 Processor based laptops to the Macintosh, previously the MacBook air Apples last innovative laptop came with a Core2Duo Processor now Apple has embraced the rest of the Intel Core family and making laptops using them.

Prices range from the usual $1,799 on the i5 to $2,299 on the i7, with a $1,199 starting price on the i3.


All the MacBooks will come with 4GB of RAM, 320/500GB hard drives and for the HIGH extra price a 512GB SSD drive can be added instead, there will be Nvidia 320 and 330 GPU in the new laptops as well, making this macbook family stand out from its siblings and last but not least you can upgrade the display from 1440x900 to 1680x1050 for only a mere $100 and for a further $50 you can even touch 1080p resolution on the macbook pro.

Source and complete specs: Apple