How To Copy Files To iPhone, iPad Without iTunes


Here's how you can copy files, music and other stuff to iPhone or iPad without iTunes installed on your PC.

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks

Using iTunes on any platform is a disaster to say the least, as it tends to misbehave in ways one can't imagine. Granted, Apple has been pushing updates to make its music and device management software as stable and easy to use as possible, but for a lot of people iTunes is a no-go piece of software when it comes to extremely common tasks.

What if there was a way to copy files to your iPhone or iPad without the need of having iTunes in the equation on your PC? Guess what? There is a way, and it's called PwnTunes for iOS 9, a simple and awesome jailbreak tweak for both iPhone and iPad.

PwnTunes For iOS 9 Lets You Copy Files To Your iPhone, iPad Without iTunes

The jailbreak tweak, PwnTunes for iOS 9, essentially turns your iPhone and iPad into a USB flash drive, allowing a PC to read it as such, granting you access to a bunch of folders to copy files without the need of having iTunes installed.


Once PwnTunes for iOS 9 is installed on your iPhone or iPad, you do not need any sort of software to be installed on your PC in order for it to work. You can utilize the power of PwnTunes on an unlimited number of PCs, as long as they have a USB port for copying files onto your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, you can easily copy photos to and from your iPhone or iPad, as well as music. Apart from that, you can even copy video files straight to your iPhone, a feature perfect for those who love to watch video content on the go.


PwnTunes for iOS 9 is an absolutely free tweak and can be downloaded immediately from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. We highly recommend that you give this one a shot as it's something that can save you a lot of trouble in a lot of ways, and furthermore, you can negate the need of carrying a USB flash drive with you as it's a given fact that you'll move around with at least your iPhone most of the time.

Give PwnTunes for iOS 9 a shot and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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