Cooler Master Unveils Hyper 612S and 612 PWM CPU Coolers

Jul 26, 2011

Cooler Master today announced its new Hyper 612 Series CPU Coolers. The coolers are available in two different models, Hyper 612S is Available only to European buyers while the Hyper 612 PWM cooler is limited to North American buyers.

Both Heatsinks feature the same design and weight specifications of 806g equipped with six copper heatpipes, The only difference is in the 120mm fan airflow and the top plate cover of the heatsink. The fan on the Hyper 612S operates at 52.6 CFM 22.5 dBA featuring a silver top plate while the Hyper 612 PWM comes with a Black Top plate and the 4 pin PWM controlled fan works at a bit higher 36.0 dBA providing 82.9 CFM.

The Hyper 612 series CPU coolers are designed for optimum heat dissipation at low fan speeds thanks to wider fin gaps, a special fin blade design, and a precise Heat pipe layout that has all 6 Heat pipes crossing the CPU’s “hot spots”. This special Heat pipe layout turns them into 12 virtual Heat pipes with direct contact to the hottest parts of the processor. For ease of installation and cleaning the Heat sink features a snap-on fan-bracket, which lets you replace or remove the fan to brush dust out of the Heat sink within seconds.