Convert Your Windows 10 Mobile To A PC With Microsoft’s New Display Dock


Microsoft announced its new flagships after 18 months, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. However, the event also emphasized on other announcements that aid in productivity and enhancing the way we control our devices. The Redmond-based giant introduced a new accessory that enables users to transform their Windows smartphone into PC. The new Display Dock accessory announced alongside the  Lumia 950 uses a DisplayPort or an HDMI cable to connect to a monitor, where it upscales the Windows 10 smartphone into a PC.

The hardware adapter is originally known as the Continuum Dock, that has a USB Type-C port among the three USB ports, an HDMI port as well as a DisplayPort. The ports allow the Display Dock to connect hardware devices such as the keyboard, mice and more larger displays. The adapter is pretty useful in day to day productivity scenarios, where it is highly portable and enables users to make use of it as a personal computer.

Display Dock Is A One Step PC For Lumia Users

Users intrigued might argue about the aesthetics and layout of the Continuum. To be honest, the majority of it looks like the original Windows 10 PC. However, a little has been altered like the taskbar and the battery, signal and time information at the top of the display. As per the Hello beta showcased by Microsoft at the event, it does not have all the properties of a fully functional PC, but it can carry out most of the work with universal Windows 10 apps.

The extended experience of the Lumia users can be seen under the Display Dock, that utilizes the essential apps like Office Suites, Microsoft mail and many other third party applications. It is definitely a mark in technology and feels like the future of portable PC's. The Windows 10 smartphone also has the capability to utilize major commands of Windows like Alt+Tab to switch between apps. Moreover, it also has the similar Windows like Home screen, Start menu and the Cortana integration. Microsoft also introduced a new Hello feature that provides facial recognition using biometrics. The new Hello feature will allow a user to unlock the device.

Microsoft has not reflected any details on price and availability. However, the Display Dock will be an essential tool for office users who work in the Microsoft ecosystem.

This is it for now, folks. Did you like the idea of this accessory? Will it have an impact on the sale of the new Lumia flagship smartphones? Let us know in the comments below.