Control Getting Photo Mode Tomorrow, New Expeditions Mode Details Revealed

Nathan Birch
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Control is one of the most stylish games released this year, and starting tomorrow players will be able to capture its most striking Kubrickian moments with a new photo mode. As you would expect, Photo Mode includes a variety of different filters, that will let you give your shots that artsy extra touch. You can get the full rundown on Photo Mode, below.

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In the Camera tab, you can:

  • Roll the camera by degrees while pointing it at the same subject
  • Broaden or tighten the Field of View
  • Change the Focus Distance
  • Adjust the Aperture and determine the depth of field

To control how the camera moves, use the Left and Right Thumb Sticks. The L2 and R2 buttons will pan it up or down. The Photo Mode menu has two tabs, one that lets you change some specific options that you would find in a regular camera, and another where you can select different filters or hide Jesse or other characters from the world.

In the Filters tab, you can hide Jesse or hide all other characters (or both!), or use any of the ten different filters that come with the Photo Mode. You can also reset the shot by pressing Square, and hide the UI by pressing Triangle. We can’t wait to see the shots you create! Share them with us on social media using the #ControlRemedy hashtag.

Photo mode is a neat addition, but what if you’re looking for a fresh Control challenge? Well, in December the new Expeditions mode should put you to the test. Here’s a few new details about how it will work…

Expeditions will be a challenging new end-game mode in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings. Here you will face the some the greatest challenges that the Oldest House can throw at you. You will need the best gear and abilities to survive. Jesse will need to complete different objectives within a set time in order to get powerful rewards. But be on your guard – every Expedition that Jesse undertakes will come with different modifiers that make the encounter extra tricky.

Photo Mode and Expeditions are free for all players. Control also has a $25 season pass, which will deliver two story expansions, The Foundation and AWE, in 2020. Get details on them here.

Control is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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