CONTROL PC Performance Explored – All In On RTX

Aug 26, 2019

DX11 & DX12 Graphics Card Results

Graphics Card Results

This page will be bringing over the testing methodology from the first page and incorporating it to each of the graphics cards that we tested. Each card results are compiled of a three run average using FRAPS to gather the results for DX11 and for DX12 we used FrameView to capture the results and our tool that was built for OCAT to extract the 1% and .1% Lows. For those wondering why we didn't use OCAT this time around the answer is simple, the latest builds have been removed from Github and FrameView is built on the same underlying Presentmon technology.


Ultrawide 1080p


Ultrawide 1440p


Control is going to be a game that really puts the hurt on previous generations of graphics cards whether that be Pascal or GCN based cards. It also continues the trend of showing the strengths of Turing over Pascal and further separating the architectures more than what was seen when Turing first launched. Turing isn't the only one to see a breakaway here, the RDNA based Navi cards from AMD, while suffering on the 1% and .1% lows compared to their competition, prove to be leagues faster than even the Vega based cards with less on board stream processors.

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