Remedy Wants Control On PC To Be “As Good As It Can Be”


Remedy Games released its latest game, Quantum Break, a few years ago on PC and Xbox One, but the PC version of the game came with several issues that have only been fully fixed sometime after release. The development team doesn't want the same to happen with the upcoming Control, as they are aiming to make the PC release as good as it can possibly be.

Speaking with PC Games Insider, Remedy communications director Thomas Puha talked about the PC version of Control and the troubles the team had with the initial PC release of Quantum Break. The game, which was the first big Windows Store release, presented a number of challenges as it was released for what was basically a new platform, and the same issues shouldn't happen with Control, as the team is making sure that the PC version is well catered for.

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We announced that we are going to have RTX (raytracing) support for PC, at least for the people who have the relevant cards. We're definitely making sure that the PC version is well catered for. On Quantum Break, our reputation did take a bit of a hit and we want to make sure that when Control comes out in 2019, the PC version will be as good as it can be

The challenge with Quantum Break on Windows 10 was that it was basically like launching on a new platform. There are difficulties when the storefront is new, UWP is new and we were probably slightly understaffed for it. In the end, we were able to work it out. It wasn't ideal.

Control is now in development for PC and consoles. The game will release next year in all regions.

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