You Don’t Understand What The Congress Is Up to – No Need To Worry Because Artificial Intelligence Has This Handled Too


Governing is no doubt one of the hardest things that face mankind. How a country is to be run, what decisions should be made, what dangers the country faces etc. It becomes even worse when a set of people with different views, different talents, different backgrounds come together and are put in charge of a country. In other words, these varied people are none other than the disjointed members of the Congress. As technology progresses and the era of AI draws nearer; possibilities arise that AI can take responsibility for things that humans find hard to do.

Congress Confusion Controlled

PredictGov is a website that uses machine learning and algorithms to determine what the future of various congress bills will be. You can now predict whether a bill will pass or not no matter how minute the matter is. This is cool, right? This project is a brainchild of Vanderbilt University law Professor J.B. Ruhl and computer scientist and doctoral candidate John Nay. It has a lot more to it than an attempt to sound smart and all informed about the future.

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According to a press release, "It pulls from decades of congressional data plus hundreds of variables, including the bill’s sponsor, amendments, economic trends and political shifts. Each bill’s score updates every 24 hours, accounting for amendments that jump on or off." The question that arises is that what is the big deal about this service? What will we get out of it? In other words what’s the scope? According to what the website explains, “Based on our deep learning A.I. system, we provide updated predictions for the bills currently under consideration, assigning each a chance of being enacted. This freely available resource allows you to focus on legislation that is likely to matter and offers a glimpse into the power of our more advanced subscription-based tools.”

Simply stated you can concentrate more on the bills that will pass and not pay attention to all the garbage that is being discussed and is entirely pointless to our well-being. The next question that you must be thinking is how accurate are PredictGov’s predictions about the Congress are? Well, it’s still a little early to say but one thing is for sure that it does help you to focus on things that matter. In this confused world, focus is all that matters.


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