Computers And Personal Items Worth $60000 Stolen From The House Of Steve Jobs


Billions of people around the world mourned in unison as Apple's beloved co-founder Steve Jobs passed away last October. The man was respected by Apple fans as well as technology lovers from all across the globe. It is almost shocking to hear that someone broke in to the house of Steve Jobs and stole what is believed to be $60,000 worth of computers as well as personal items. The good news is that the police have already apprehended some suspects.

Walter Isacsson, Jobs' official biographer, noted in his book that the Apple CEO was unlike CEOs of other companies and corporations. He lived in a house of moderate size in Palo Alto and did not have a security detail as most chief executives have. His living as well as the non-existent security arrangements were almost too modest for a man worth nearly $8.5 billion.

The information released by police department reveals that the Jobs' household was broken in to on July 17th and items worth up to $60,000 were stolen. It has not been confirmed whether the items taken were personal belongings of Steve Jobs himself or were valuable items belonging to his wife and children. A 35 year old male Kariem McFarlin has already been arrested for this act and is currently in jail. Bail has been set at a staggering $500,000.

Steve Jobs' family were not present at the house when this robbery took place. The house is currently under renovations. It can't be said for sure that Kariem knew whose house he was breaking in to. Maybe the sight of an under renovation house seemed like an easy target for a quick score, or maybe he broke in to the house for the sole purpose of stealing something which belonged to Jobs or his family. Lord knows how much the items would have fetched on eBay!.

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