Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle Can Be Yours For An Amazing Pay What You Want Offer

Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle

If you are looking for a career in programming, then here is something that you might be interested in. Wccftech is offering an amazing Pay What You Want Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle. The offer will expire in a couple of days, so avail it right away. The bundle is massive and contains 15 eBooks, so avail of it as soon as you can.

Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle Features

To avail of this bundle, simply pay what you want. If what you pay is less than the average price, you will get something amazing. If what you pay is greater than the average price, you’ll get the entire bundle. If you beat the leader’s price, you will be entered for an amazing giveaway and you will also be featured on the leader’s board. Here are highlights of what the bundle has in store for you:

  • Python Basics
    Primary Introduction to the Fundamentals of Python
  • Python Video Tutorials (NumPy & Pandas)
    Understand a Wide Range of Topics, from Introduction to NumPy & Pandas to NumPy Arrays, Vectors and Operators
  • Python Pocket Primer
    Overview of the Major Aspects & the Source Code to Use Python 2
  • Python for TensorFlow Pocket Primer
    Gain Insights on Machine Learning & Deep Learning or TensorFlow Topics
  • Python: An Introduction to Programming
    Get an Overview of Computers & Programming Languages
  • Game Development Using Python
    Understand the Basic Game Development Process Using Python
  • Artificial Intelligence Basics
    Introduction to the Fundamental Concepts of Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Problems & Their Solutions
    Solve Well-Known AI Problems Using Efficient Methods Used by Humans & Computers
  • Artificial Intelligence & Problem Solving
    Solve Some Well-Known AI Problems Using the Most Efficient Problem-Solving Methods
  • TensorFlow2 Pocket Primer
    Introduction to Basic Machine Learning Algorithms Using TensorFlow2 for Beginners
  • Python 3 Pocket Primer
    Understand Python 3 & Start Working On Your Own Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
    Identify Current Applications & Techniques of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century, Second Edition
    Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
    Introduction to AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & More!
  • Python 3 for Machine Learning
    Learn About the Basics of Python 3 Programming Concepts Related to Machine Learning

Original Price Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle: $554.25
Wccftech Discount Price Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle: PAY WHAT YOU WANT

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