Community Driven MorePowerTool For AMD GPUs Will Not Support RDNA 3 GPUs Due To Hard-Lock, Users To Pay For Power Limits & Features

Hassan Mujtaba

It looks like AMD is hammering down on any community-driven tuning applications and options for its latest RDNA 3 GPUs.

MorePowerTool Will Not Support AMD RDNA 3 GPUs, No Way To Access Firmware - Power Limits & Other Features Hard Locked

The MorePowerTool or MPT is a tool that was developed by several programmers and hardware enthusiasts including Igor Wallosek of Igor's Lab. This tool expands upon the feature set offered within AMD's own Wattman OC suite with features such as settings OC limits, Frequency / Power curves, and fan speeds. This tool has been very handy during the RDNA 1 & RDNA 2 generations since it allowed users to extract more performance and clocks out of their products however, the last generation also saw AMD locking down its GPUs more aggressively.

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The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT had a frequency limit of up to 3 GHz which was slightly expanded with the Navi 21 XTXH silicon release and further to 5 GHz with the 6950 XT release. But these cards had a hefty premium attached to them, so if you wanted to get the best overclocking chip, you had to pay more. Now with RDNA 3, AMD has virtually locked everything as reported by Hardwareluxx's community member, hellm:

Maybe one or the other has read my last post in the MPT thread at Igor, but we, i.e. mainly gupsterg and his contacts, have now come to some conclusions. Of course, Veii has already determined his part, and we actually all agree.

Pretty much everything is double and triple secured. We would have to rewrite firmware and drivers, and we can't do that. Not even under Linux. So there will be no MPT for RDNA3.
AMD really screwed it up this time.

Incidentally, firmware flashing is also controlled via PSP, and we can no longer easily hack AMD software to enable you to flash it. Seems to only work with an external programmer.

This means that you now pay for your power limits and features, you cannot change or activate them afterwards.

via HardwareLuxx Forums

As the user mentions, everything for the RDNA 3 line of GPUs is double/triple secured and the only way around is to rewrite the firmware which they can't do either (not even in Linux). This certainly doesn't sound like a good thing for AMD to do but it is unfortunately the way things are headed. It looks like GPU makers are going to charge a premium for top-binned silicon and to avail certain OC or tuning features, users will have to pay more regardless.

The launch of AMD's brand new RDNA 3 graphics architecture and the respective Radeon RX 7900 XTX/XT graphics card hasn't been flawless. The reference models have shipped with flawed coolers to several buyers and there have been various issues in regard to the readiness of the drivers and supported features. We hope that team red can get things in check and also allow the community to enjoy the features and tuning options as they did before.

News Source: CapFrameX

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