Come to RetCon 2019 on July 20 – the Retro Computer Gaming Show!

Mike Smith

Come to RetCon 2019, West London's premier retro computer gaming show!

Run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, it features the big gaming and home computing brands from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We're talking the original hardcore machines of the day: Ataris, Amigas, Segas, Spectrums, Nintendos and more.

The dawn of the desktop PC, these are nothing like modern, boring PCs - this is how computers are supposed to be made! These and the games consoles of the era offer a raw, bare-metal gaming experience which modern ones just can't match!

Back in these pioneering days, each computer featured it's own operating system and interface. Most featured the all-powerful command line, but some even sported a graphical interface as well - no boring Microsoft Windows only rubbish. Whether you remember these the first time round or not, there's something for everyone at RetCon 2019.

Special guests at RetCon 2019

Bounce through levels of fun that modern app designers wish they could match, RetCon is the summer event you have been waiting for. With games machines from the 70s onwards and all the home computers you knew and loved, loaded and ready with all the games you remember from childhood (Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that you remember your childhood, but if RetCon doesn't jog your memory, nothing will!)

Ranging from Spectrums to Segas and Amigas to Ataris, plumb along with Mario, boom about with Sonic and chomp your way through with PacMan. You can obliterate flying enemies with Xenon, Silkworm, R-Type, Deluxe Galaga, Asteroids and Space Invaders.

Join our exciting line up of guests:

  • David Pleasance - Ex managing director of Commodore and author of The Commodore Story
  • Andy Remic – Producer of the Spectrum Addict films
  • Jubbernaut – Producer of the new Vectrex Player 2 game
  • Steven Fletcher – The man behind Cosmic Force, the new Commodore 64 game
  • Retro Man Cave – Popular YouTube channel that covers all things retro computing

We are also joined this year by Monster Joysticks, so pick up a new joystick at the show.

Get your tickets now - you may find yourself rocketing along like Sonic himself to buy one!

The show runs from 10:00 - 17:00 and is being held at:

Greenford Community Centre
170 Oldfield Lane South

Note: entrance is round the corner in Wordsworth Avenue and the event is being held in the hall behind the community centre. Limited free parking is available.


If you have any queries, you can contact us at:

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