Comcast Is Bringing 2 Gbps Internet That Costs $300 Per Month

Omar Sohail

They say ‘You get what you pay for’, but how much is actually paying too much? Comcast is bringing in 2 Gbps internet that the company claims is going to be faster than Google Fiber. However, when you receive the monthly bill of $300, you’d probably believe that continuing your $170 a month Google Fiber service was a much better (and cheaper alternative). However, installing Comcast’s 2 Gbps service, which is being called Gigabit Pro will give you the opportunity to get bragging rights on running the fastest ever broadband service.

Comcast Gigabit Pro Might Offer Twice The Upload And Download Speeds Of Google Fiber, But There Are Installation And Other Hidden Costs That Will Empty Your Wallet

According to the details present on the company’s website, running the 2 Gbps service for $300 a month is not the only thing that you will have to be paying for. If you turn your attention to ‘Pricing & Other Info’, the following has been stated, and it’s not pretty:

“Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Limited to residential customers. Requires subscription to Gigabit Pro service. Minimum 2 year term agreement required. Early termination fee applies. Gigabit Pro service generally available within one third of a mile of Comcast’s fiber network and requires custom installation. Installation may require 6 to 8 weeks or more to complete. Fees of up to $500 for installation and up to $500 for activation apply. Equipment, taxes and fees and other applicable charges extra. Pricing and other charges subject to change. Limited to service to a single outlet. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.”

Additionally, Comcast also says that you “must generally live within a third of a mile of our fiber network” and in eligible cities in order to receive Gigabit Pro. So let us get this straight, not only will you have to wait for potentially a two month period to get your internet services up and running, you will have to pay a total of $1,300 to receive the 2 Gbps service. In comparison, Google only charges $300 for its “construction fees.”

In short, Gigabit Pro from Comcast would definitely make sense for small scale businesses, if nothing else. However, if you do have $1,300 to shell out plus $300 monthly payment, then you can give Comcast a call right away and become a member of the 2 Gbps internet speed club.

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