Colorful Intros a beastly designed Geforce GTX 460 iGame Edition Graphics Card.


Colorful has introduced its new Geforce GTX 460 iGame Edition Graphic Card. Now let me tell you something about the design of the card, Its a beast. You will rotate it 360 degree's and only one word will be able to describe the design and that word is beast. The GPU  design looks like Fins of a Shark coming out from it. The Custom PCB which Colorful has come up with is truly an outstanding job done by them.

Enough talking about the design, Coming to the specs, The GPU features a 6+1 phase VRM, with voltage-measure points due to which the core clock is set at 900Mhz vs the 675Mhz stock clock which is massive. The CUDA cores are clocked at 1800 MHz, and the memory at 1050 MHz (4200 MHz effective). Other features include dual Bios chips which can be switched when the GPU is turned off.

With massive clock come more heat and noise but dont you worry about them at all. Underneath the PCB is a large aluminium fin array which is equipped with four 8 mm thick heat pipes which are connected to the core of the GPU. Two of the heat pipes dissipate heat to the main aluminium block on the core while the other two dissipate heat from the VRM to the fin block on top. The blocks are cooled by two fans on the top of the PCB. There's also a backplate on the GPU to ensure a better thermal environment.

The pricing of the card haven't been revealed yet but it will be available in Asian market's in the mid of September.