Colorful Officially Launches the GeForce GTX 680 iGame Kudan

Chinese Graphic cards manufacturer Colorful Technology, today announced the availability of the iGame GTX680-2G Kudan, the company's most fastest Non-Reference GTX 680 design. Last year, Colorful  introduced the GTX 560Ti iGame Kudan which was the first to feature the new non-reference design, the same design now follows the GK104 chip.

The main feature of the iGame Kudan GTX 680 is its cooler which covers three expansion slots and is equipped with three fans, one which is 90mm and other two 80mm fans which feature the Shark Bionic design which reduce the noise output while providing higher airflow to the aluminum heatsink underneath it. Ten 6mm Heatpipes run through the heatsink dissipating heat through the core, A 3mm base plate covers the back to improve thermal specs.

The PCB itself is a marvel, featuring an 8 Phase VRM design powered by two 8 Pin connectors and Colorful also adds a Power-kit in the bundled accessories which can be equipped at the back of the PCB to provide an additional 6 Phases, All is powered by a uP6208AM PWM chip with modulation ranging from 0.1MHz to 1.5MHz.

There are 2 BIOS chips located on the GPU, Each holding a set of clock speeds which can be operated through an OC-Switch located at the rear panel. The GPU runs at the stock core clock of 1008MHz/6008MHz, With a click of the switch clocks are boosted to 1059MHz/6008MHz, Another click makes the clock hit 1110MHz/6208MHz provided you have the power board installed.

Inside the huge packaging, Colorful also provides an Air-Kit which are a set of Five detachable heatsinks which can be linked with the main heatsink to reduce heat from the main GPU and it does wonders however at the cost of CPU cooler space. Then comes the power kit which as detailed earlier provides additional power phases and finally a Color-Kit made up of crylic paints and brushes which can be used to decorate the GPU yourself.

The Colorful iGame GTX 680 Kudan first launches in Asian Markets, Availability in other regions later on. Pricing would be a bit steep set around 5000 Yuan or $799.

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