Colorful Unveils GeForce RTX 3060 iGame Bilibili Edition While Colorfire Launches GeForce GTX 16 Series Pink-Colored Graphics Cards

Hassan Mujtaba

Colorful and its sister brand, Colorfire, have unveiled new GeForce graphics cards with the former offering a custom RTX 3060 design and the latter offering custom GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER, GTX 1650 SUPER & GTX 1650 designs.

Colorful & Colorful Update Graphics Card Lineup With Custom GeForce RTX 3060, GTX 1660 & GTX 1650 Graphics Cards

Starting with Colorful, the company has announced its brand new GeForce RTX 3060 iGame Bilibili Edition graphics card which is designed around the Bilibili E-sports team. The graphics card comes with a design that is very reminiscent of the reference NVIDIA Founders Edition cooler which has been custom-designed by Colorful.

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The card features an all-aluminum body with a solid shroud on the front and a double-layer back-plate. Just like the reference design on the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 graphics cards, the iGame RTX 3060 Bilibili OC Edition comes with a push and pull fan layout with one fan on the front pushing air through the large aluminum-finned heatsink while the second fan pulls air out from the back of the board. The heatsink comprises four large heat pipes and is made up of two separate aluminum-heatsink blocks.

Both the front and back of the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Bilibili Edition graphics cards are covered in the E-sports team theme. What's interesting is that the PCB is only half the length of the cooler itself and is powered by a single 8-pin connector. You can also see a section of the internal heatsink through the cutout on the top.


As for specs, the card features a factory overclock of 1822 MHz and has a TDP of 187W (vs 170W standard). Display outputs include the standard triple DP 1.4 and a single HDMI 2.1 port. The card has a pricing of 5999 Yuan which rounds up to around $900 US. There's also a lottery going on which will allow users to win on these cards but others who want it have to pay the hefty premium.

Colorfire Launches 3 GeForce GTX 16 Series Graphics Cards After A 4-Year Absence

Moving over to Colorfire now, we have the return of the brand after 4 years of no announcements. The sister-brand of Colorful which was once dedicated to offering custom AMD Radeon cards has just introduced three new NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards and those too based on the older Turing TU116 and TU117 GPU cores. The company has launched the GeForce RTX 1660 SUPER, GTX 1650 SUPER, & GTX 1650 Vitality OC series cards which come in dual-slot designs with either triple or dual-fan cooling solutions.

Colorfire GeForce GTX 16 Velocity OC Series Graphics Cards (Image Credits: Videocardz):


All three cards feature a very pleasant pink and silver-colored shroud/backplate design. All three cards come with a backplate and feature a custom PCB design. As per Videocardz, the GTX 1650 & GTX 1650 SUPER Vitality feature the 'OC' branding but retain the stock clock speeds which is a very weird thing to do. There's no word on pricing on these cards but they should have an MSRP close to the original cards.

News Sources: Videocardz, ITHome

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