The Coen brothers are working on a movie about Silk Road and the dark web


Cyber security and hacking is a major issue in the current era of networking. No matter how protected you think you are, no matter how strong your firewall or anti-virus is, you are never completely safe. Media and the film industry has always been a great source of entertainment as well as information and one can always rely on these sources to some degree for enlightenment on different issues. However, there have been many not-so-good movies regarding cyber security and hackers lately and I am particularly very disappointed about it. All those who agree with me say ‘aye’. I may not be able to hear you but I am sure many of you agree with me on that matter.



Thriller plus suspense plus corruption plus the Coen brothers

Before we all get completely disappointed, there seems to be a slight glimmer of hope in the form of the Coen brothers. Joel and Ethan Coen have signed up to help the script of ‘Dark Web’, a tech thriller film. The dynamic Oscar winning duo was brought on to take a second go at the screenplay. The script’s original writer is Dennis Lehane, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As of yet it is not very clear, how involved the Coens are and whether they will be rewriting the script or simply revising what is already written.

The project is based on a two-part Wired magazine article, ‘The Rise and Fall of Silk Road’ which was originally written by Joshua Bearman. It is a true story of 29 year old Ross William Ulbricht who is responsible for building an online market for illegal goods, very similar to Amazon. This market is referred to as the Silk Road. Now this market is successful and later on evolves into an alleged murderous kingpin. According to the Hollywood reporter the many twists and turns in the plot are very similar to the Coen brothers’ work in Fargo. Now young Ross has been identified by the US authorities as Dread Pirate Roberts and he is currently serving a life sentence after being convicted on seven charges of money laundering, drug trafficking, conspiracy and computer hacking. According to a transcript of his conversations, published in the Wired, Ulbricht had also ordered a hit on five people. Murder, thriller, suspense and to make it better the script also involves a corrupt an investigator.


The project is still in its early stages and it isn’t yet evident that when it will be completed and who will be directing the movie. However, I don’t know about you guys but a script written by the Coen brothers is usually an epic affair. So here is a toast to a hopefully good thriller that will leave us utterly and truly thrilled!