COD: Black Ops Multiplayer teased, looks AMAZING

I honestly didn't have high hopes for Treyarch's newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise known as Black Ops, but they recently released a teaser video demonstrating the Multiplayer of the game and I have to say it looks ABSOLUTELY stunning and its a huge improvement over Modern Warfare 2, we see the return of popular kill streak rewards like the UAV, Care Package and even the Predator Missle but we also see some new additions such as a remote controlled car which explodes, and some new weapons thrown in as well such as a timed explosion Crossbow and dual knives.

If there is one reason for me to even consider buying this game I will definitely buy it for the Multiplayer value I hope this time Activision will be 'generous' enough to provide us with a free map pack every now and then, I mean EA does it for Bad Company 2 so why can't Activision give the public even 1 free map pack? It's no secret Modern Warfare 2 has a HUGE multiplayer community on the Microsoft XBOX 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and even the PC, I am fairly if not absolutely certain that this game will be the new leader in the multiplayer gaming community (Where FPS games are concerned).

Infinity Ward did a fantastic job in making Modern Warfare and making it one of the most popular games on every platform not only was the story line thrilling but the online multiplayer value ensured that gamers on the consoles and PC would definitely come back for more even though gamers had complaints about the game not having dedicated server support the online population of the game continued to soar on every platform.

Treyarch made Modern Warfare and while the story was solid the Multiplayer value was not very "satisfying" it got dull very fast and lacked proper killstreak system, the same mistake was repeated when making World at War but Infinity Ward revolutionized Call of Duty online game by introducing 25 different killstreak rewards in Modern Warfare 2.

Black Ops perhaps brings us something new to the game, Modern Warfare 2 bought in the shocking addition of a Tactical Nuke as a kill streak reward maybe we can call in something bigger in Black Ops.

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