Clubhouse is Currently Testing An Android Beta App


Audio chatroom Clubhouse has been immensely popular over the past few months, but so far, the app has only been exclusive to OS. Although the team behind Clubhouse did talk about how an Android app is in the works, we did not have much information other than that. Now, we know that the beta version is on the way.

The confirmation is coming from the Clubhouse team, who confirmed how they had launched a "rough" beta version for Android in a blog post. While doing so, they have also talked about how a full launch is not live yet, but we cannot just expect the app to release right away.

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Clubhouse Could Soon Make Its Way to Android, But Will it Be Worth It?

Making a statement about the availability on Android, they have said the following.

“We cannot wait to welcome more Android users to Clubhouse over the coming weeks,”

This could mean that Clubhouse might finally make its way to Android this month or early in June. However, this also raises a question as to whether Clubhouse will gain as much traction as the iOS version did. Considering how Clubhouse is no longer the only app offering the service of having audio chat rooms.

This all depends on how the Clubhouse team handles the app's transition onto the Android platform. If they are going to do the same thing Snapchat developers did by making a lazy port that barely works, you might see a big downfall on the Android side of things. However, if the team is willing to dedicate time and resources in polishing the Android version of Clubhouse just as much as they have worked on the iOS version, then the future is bright, owing to the larger user base that Android enjoys.

We will keep you posted as Clubhouse fully becomes available on Android.