Cloud based save games coming in 3.60

Jan 30, 2011

It seems that Sony is considering to implement other features in upcoming firmwares aside from "security updates", Sony is working on the ability for players to be able to save their save games on cloud storage. This is a great option for those gamers still stuck on the Fat PS3 or those who have a faulty PS3 Slim. Right now it's going to be a question whether this feature will be available publicly or whether it will be for the PlayStation + subscribers (Although right now I am 80% it will be the latter.

Cloud based saves would be of great advantage to players who are paranoid about their saves getting corrupted due to power outages, PS3 freezing etc. Currently there has been no official word yet on the addition of this feature even though it was once mentioned back in 2009 as well.

Source: Kotaku