New Class Coming to Devilian in First Major Update


A new class will be coming to MMO-ARPG Devilian, along with a set of other improvements, later this month.

The Tempest has mastered the skills of blades in battle, and can hop around like a kangaroo on steroids when she takes the fancy too.

But a touch of marsupial mimicry isn't the only thing on the menu in this latest update, with a bevy of improvements for fans of the game to stuff into their endless empty gaming gullet.


For those of you who have already hit the end game, you'll soon be able to push your character up to level 54.

Of course, with higher levels comes a host of fresh gear for you to find and equip.

There'll also be a trio of dungeons - a new Raid dungeon and two Archdevil dungeons - just in case you fancy an increased challenge.

All of this - as is oh so helpfully pointed out in the that colourful block of red above - will be coming to Devilian as an update on February 18.

The first major update to the MMO since its launch, fan reaction mostly seems very positive so far. If you're a fan of Devilian or if you just like knife wielding acrobats, at least the wait won't be too bad.