Chuwi Unveils The LarkBox, A Mini PC That Can Fit In The Palm of Your Hand

Evan Federowicz
Source: Chuwi

Chuwi has unveiled the LarkBox, which is a Mini-PC so small it can easily fit in the palm of your hand! Chuwi states that this is the world's smallest mini PC that is able to support a 4K resolution. Chuwi has packed this small mini-PC with a number of ports, allowing for a wide range of connectivity options in this form factor and also a high-efficiency an Intel 8th generation quad-core Celeron N4100 processor.

The LarkBox has been announced by Chuwi, and features an Intel 8th generation N4100 processor, 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 128 GB SSD

The LarkBox features Intel's 8th generation N4100 processor which has a base frequency of 1.10 GHz and a burst frequency of 2.40 GHz. The burst frequency is facilitated by the stated TDP being a total of 6-watts and with the Scenario Design Power (SDP) being slightly lower being just 4.8-watts. The N4100 processor also features four cores without hyperthreading, meaning this processor has just four threads but is still able to power a 4K monitor and provides decent computing performance without the extra heat from larger processors.

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This processor makes use of Intel's integrated UHD Graphics 600, which is able to power an amazingly smooth 4K video output, which allows this very small PC to offer an Ultra HD viewing experience.

For cooling, there is an ultra-silent cooling fan which allows this small PC to be stable under any workload. This mini-PC features two USB Type-A ports, a single USB Type-C port, a single HDMI port for video output and a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well. Alongside those fantastic ports, the LarkBox features support for Bluetooth 5.0 for more effortless connectivity and stability.

The LarkBox paired the N4100 processor with 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The 6 GB of RAM is perfect for daily use and allows this processor to handle everything from Google Chrome to other office tasks efficiently. They are making this Mini-PC perfect for Home offices. Sadly, Chuwi has yet to announced any pricing or availability for this tiny PC.

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