Chrome to Phone – an amazing feature

There are many times when you actually want to send something over to your Phone - say, a link perhaps. Now to open it on your phone which you viewed on your PC, you would have to actually copy it down and then re-write, or you would mail it and then open it from your mobile mail. Now, that is surely a long procedure, not forgetting a hectic one.

This new feature, called Chrome to Phone, which you can use by first installing Chrome on your Android phone and then installing an addon on your PC. Now once this is done,  you can register your phone through the Android App and then whenever you copy a #, or link or anything and hit the Chrome to Phone button, it will instantly transfer the data over to your phone, which will then open it or dial it according to what the data might be. The data transfer time is said to be tolerable and not slow, so the feature is an amazing and excellent add to Android 2.2.

Note: This can also be done using Firefox's extension [found here]

To download: Go here

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