Chrome’s Proposed Never-Slow Mode Promises a Faster Browsing Experience

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Google Chrome is arguably one of the most popular web browsers across all platforms owing to its speed, reliability, syncs with Google services and availability on just about every operating system. The competition in the web browser market is fierce, and Google is constantly working on improving the browser’s performance. Today, Chrome Story picked up a performance-improving feature which may potentially help reduce page load times.

A new commit in the Chromium Gerrit talks about the “Never Slow Mode” which aims to block resource-heavy scripts and set a limit for content such as fonts and images. The feature does not cut down Chrome’s memory, but breaks the page that you are loading into parts. If you open a web page with a lot of large scripts Chrome will stop some of them and try to load the page faster. The description states, “Enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience.” Some of the variables that will be affected by the 'never slow mode' include:

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  • Per-image max size: 1MiB
  • Total image budget: 2MiB
  • Per-stylesheet max size: 100KiB
  • Total stylesheet budget: 200KiB
  • Per-script max size: 50KiB
  • Total script budget: 500KiB
  • Per-font max size: 100KiB
  • Total font budget: 100KiB
  • Total connection limit: 10
  • Long-task limit: 200ms

According to the commit, there are also some clues about yet again a feature which disables “Best Effort Tasks,” which are tasks used for “writing user data to disk, cleaning caches, reporting metrics or updating components.” The tasks will execute only after the website is closed. The commit is far too early in its development to get deployed even to the beta version of Chrome. It may be a long time before it is merged, as it has the potential to break the functionalities of a lot of websites.

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