Chrome’s Safe Browsing Will Now Protect You Against macOS-Specific Malware

Chrome for macOS

Google said today that Chrome's Safe Browsing will start showing warnings if a user is browsing dangerous sites or downloading malicious files on Macs. While the changes were previously focused on Android and Windows users, new changes are now targeting Chrome for macOS with Google releasing several features to ensure safe browsing on Macs.

Chrome for macOS will now protect you against malware, unwanted software

"Safe Browsing is broadening its protection of macOS devices, enabling safer browsing experiences by improving defenses against unwanted software and malware targeting macOS," today's announcement post reads.

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As a result, macOS users will start seeing more red alerts, which will, in turn, protect you from the increasing number of macOS-specific malware. Google is also aiming to reduce malicious software by focusing on unwanted ad injection and unauthorized user settings manipulation, which targets software that tries to change your home page, start page, and default search engine without user permission.

As part of this next step towards reducing macOS-specific malware and unwanted software, Safe Browsing is focusing on two common abuses of browsing experiences: unwanted ad injection, and manipulation of Chrome user settings, specifically the start page, home page, and default search engine. Users deserve full control of their browsing experience and Unwanted Software Policy violations hurt that experience.

Along with that, Chrome will now only allow extensions that are hosted in the Chrome Web Store to edit settings. The Mountain View search giant also recently released a special API named the Chrome Settings Overrides API for Mac, which will allow legitimate developers to make sure users stay in control of their Chrome settings.

"From here on, the Settings Overrides API will be the only approved path for making changes to Chrome settings on Mac OSX, like it currently is on Windows," Google said.

Starting March 31, 2017, these changes will be visible to macOS users. Following this, you will be seeing more alerts warning you about Chrome extensions and websites that attempt to modify Chrome settings without using the API.

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