This Chrome Extension For Netflix Unleashes Hidden Categories


Netflix is a reason why we don't mind chilling at home. You can get a diverse collection of movies and TV shows on this video-streaming platform, but not many of us know that it has got hidden categories underneath the vast ocean of media. Available in more than 130 countries all over the world, Netflix now has a Chrome plugin that unleashes all the hidden categories.

After installing the extension on Chrome, all you need to do is log into your Netflix account and click on the extension. It will then show a drop-down list consisting of all the categories, and from that, you can choose whichever genre you like. It will fetch the invisible listings on Netflix. This plug-in would save you a from a lot of unwanted exercise by unlocking the hidden selection so that you can go through a variety of titles without the need to perform specific searches.

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Another nifty feature of the extension is that it allows users to bookmark their favourite categories, which comes handy whenever you want to jump straight to a selection without flipping through the list. For now, there are more than 100 different genres included in the extension, and it will be adding more categories in the future.

Here's a video posted by the Netflix Extension maker, Deekshith Allamaneni. In this video, you can see how the extension works and what kind of categories are onboard:

Given the plethora of movies and TV shows available on Netflix, the new extension is a blessing as it will get you to the right show with a few clicks. For the ones, who have already watched the popular shows like Stranger Things, Orange is the Black, House, and others on Netflix; this extension would help you in finding new shows based on your favourite genres.

The extension does not run in the background, which means that it won't eat up your precious data when not in use. It starts at the moment you click on it for finding categories. As soon as you are done, it closes down and does not eat into device's memory.

Go ahead, search within your favourite category and discover new shows and movies. Download Chrome extension from here.