Chrome 62 Stable Channel Now Rolling Out Mac, Windows, and Linux With Enhanced HTTP Security and Network Information API


Chrome 62 stable channel has finally started rolling out to desktops (Mac, Windows, and Linux) with new features for developers along with overhauled security integration from Google. With this channel, Google is promoting HTTPS adoption on Chrome.

Regarding security, the initial “Not secure” badge appeared in January on the right side of the URL in the address bar for HTTP sites when they require to password or credit card details. With Chrome 62, Google is extending this security to every HTTP site where a user has to fill his data. The badge will appear in the address bar when a user begins entering the details on the HTTP website.

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In the Incognito mode, every HTTP site will feature the “Not secure” warning as Google states that users expect more privacy in the Incognito mode. The main motive is to make the "Not secure" badge visible for every HTTP website. On macOS, other buttons will compliment the style of the OS with a new background colour, padding, and border-radius.

Chrome 62 also brings support for OpenType Variable Fonts, typography gains, and responsive design. In a blog post, Google states:

With variable fonts, responsive design on the web now extends to typography. OpenType Variations provide a continuous spectrum of stylistic variations while saving space and bandwidth, since they all load from a single compact font file. Stretch, style, and weight can be adjusted using the respective updated CSS properties which now allow numeric values. Fine tuning of variation axis parameters, such as weight or width, is possible using the font-variation-settings CSS property.

Network Information API on Chrome 62

The version 62 also brings Network Information API that shows real statistics about user's connectivity instead of showing estimates. These metrics include expected round trip time, throughput, and notifications of performance changes. Another use of Network Information API is that it can help in optimising the network by detecting the slow connected and automatically loading a simple version of the website.

Chrome 62 for desktop also adds a new Ambient Light Sensor API that lets the browser adapt to changes in light. Chrome 62 for desktop is now available for all users, update for Android and Chrome OS is expected to hit soon.