10 Free Apps To Manage Your Christmas Shopping And Gifts


Halloween is gone and we hope that you had a nice one trick-o-treating or distributing candy. However, the season’s spirit isn't ending anytime soon as we all are looking forward to the festivity of Christmas. Of course it’s not Christmas yet and you’d be wondering why your eyeballs are reading this at all. Obviously it’s not anywhere near Christmas since we already have around 55 days to the event, but it’s about time you should start thinking about your shopping list and all the gifts you have to disperse. In the past, it used to be those bulky registers being maintained by moms and dads regarding their Christmas shopping. But times have changed and today virtually everyone needs to keep a list of their shopping for Christmas.

Not only lists, it is essential to spot deals at prices that you won’t be able to get otherwise. So what will you do? Go the old-school method by making hand-written lists, counting days to Christmas etc.? Or are you going to be a Christmas superstar this year by getting the right apps on your smartphone on time to get your shopping, counting, last-minute gift reminders and deal spotting completely automated? Well, if you do intend to go Old-school; Good luck with that. But if you are looking to make it easier, automated and completely reliable, then we have spotted some great apps for your Android device.

Why Android only? Well, to answer that please read through my author profile since my dominion expands and ends at being a droid freak. But do let our awesome iOS peeps know, in the comments section, that they also need to make some lists for your iPhone, iPad and related devices.

These shopping apps for Christmas will make it easier for you to manage your gift and shopping planning for Xmas. We aren't rating them and by no means are we getting paid to bring these to you! However, if you like these apps, please do let us know in the comments section. And if you don’t agree with us or think that we missed out something; the comments area is all yours again.

Barcode Scanner

This app has been there since we were all drooling over our new G1s. However, the importance of this barcode scanner app is still intact as you can easily scan for the real prices and reviews on the go. A must have tool while you shop online or offline for Christmas.

The Coupons App

Everyone loves discounts and so do we. This app is a must have on your Android phone or tablet if you have a huge shopping list that you need to take care off. The app is updated daily to bring you all the great coupon deals being offered online and in the shops.

NewEgg Mobile

If you are a gadget fan then you would already be well aware of this app’s importance. You can get the NewEgg Mobile app for Android on your mobile or your tablet to check out the latest offers on various gadgets like cell phone, computers, webcams etc. Of course some gadgets or accessories might be of interest since you are reading this on a technology blog.

Discount Calculator

It is possible that you are out and shopping for Xmas already. This handy free discount calculator for Android will abruptly inform you of the exact savings that you are going to make on a specific discounted product.

Dealnews App

This is your ultimate tool if you want to be a Xmas shopping star. Deal news App is your all-in-one quick deal spotter for a product of your choice. The new version of this app comes with an integrated search feature that makes spotting deals even easier.

BestBuy Products Browser

Of course most of us rely on BestBuy to get over most favorite products at prices that beat all others. This product app for BestBuy gives you complete details on product pricing, discount offer and imagery.

Shopping At DealExtreme

In case you are a DealExtreme addict and you love getting your favorite stuff via this medium, then this app will definitely get your attention. The app features all sorts of new arrivals, hot promotions, top seller items and also offers an online payment mechanism to shop from the comfort of your phone.

Christmas Gift List Planner

The app intends to organize your complete Christmas gifting process by tracking the gifts you want to send, costs, expenditure and categories. A great app for all of us who want to keep their Christmas gift lists in order.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas is a fairly new app in the Google Play Store. The app is for everyone who gets perplexed by what to gift to their loved ones or friends on Christmas! The app claims that it has some great ideas so go ahead and try if the claim is really true.

Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile is a great app for your Christmas shopping if you count yourself as an Amazon junkie. This app lets you browse department-wise categorized stuff. A must have if you solely rely on Amazon and online shopping for your Christmas gigs.