Chinese enter the tablet race with the iPed.

Apple has many companies fighting for the tablet crown; Amazon, Microsoft, HP and even the Germans with their WePad. But now the Chinese have made their own little tablet which as you have guess by now is a 99% iPad knock off, but here is the kicker. The iPed runs on Google Android OS; and considering this is a Chinese rip off the iPed should be 1/3 or even lesser of the price of an original iPad.

Be careful if your planning on buying an iPad now you might end up buying the iPed instead, looks wise these both look remarkably a like its when you power either on you will find the true difference in the two. Even the box is a complete knock off both are impossible to tell apart without having a close examination of the box.

China has started making copies of everything popular such as Blackberry, Nokia N-Series phones, and even the iPhone.

Here is a video for you to see just how remarkable the knock off is:

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