China Gets Even More Rare Intel Arc A750 Limited “Gold” Edition Graphics Card

Jason R. Wilson

China has received an even rare Intel Arc A750 Limited "Gold" edition graphics card which features a unique gold design. This limited edition card does not change the internals, but the backplate and packaging are new for this particular variant.

Intel Arc A750 Limited "Gold" Edition Is A Rare Chinese Graphics Card With A Touch of Gold

The Intel Arc A750 Limited "Gold" Edition graphics card offers the exact internal specifications of the standard A750 model. Still, the backplate is replaced with an all-black with gold tiger and a hint of gold along the border's edge.

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Intel offered consumers a chart showing the differences between the Arc A750 Limited "Gold", the standard A750, and the A770 Limited Edition graphics cards. As you can see in the chart above, the cards have no differences between the specs, and only the design has changed.

The Intel Arc A750 offers 28 Xe-Cores, 8 GB GDDR6 memory, 2050 MHz clock frequency, and a TDP of 225 W. The dimensions of the GPU are 280mm x 115mm x 45mm, and, the website that has the card listed for sale, mentions that there are no RGB lighting effects on the limited edition card. The card offers DisplayPort and HDMI connections, and it is recommended to use a power supply above 600W.

Intel Launches Arc A770 And AA750 Limited Edition Graphics Cards

Graphics Card VariantGPU DieShading Units (Cores)XMX UnitsGPU Clock (Graphics)Memory CapacityMemory SpeedMemory BusBandwidthTGP
Arc A770Arc ACM-G104096 (32 Xe-Cores)5122.10 GHz16 GB GDDR617.5 Gbps256-bit560 GB/s225W
Arc A750Arc ACM-G103584 (28 Xe-Cores)4482.05 GHz8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit512 GB/s225W

The tiger imagery on the new graphics card from Intel is possibly due to the celebration of the Year of the Tiger in Chinese culture. Tigers are shown in many stories and folklore for the culture as a sign of strength. Because the beast is predatory, it warns all to tread lightly due to its overwhelming power. Intel could also use the image to show how powerful the card is compared to other GPU manufacturers, even though the specifications say otherwise.


The website shows that the card sells for ¥2499 (estimated $347.61). And does appear to be in stock on the website at the time of writing.

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