This Cherry Blossoms Dynamic PlayStation 4 Theme is Absolutely Charming – Changes with the Time of Day


Until Sony allows users to create their own custom themes, players will have to fare with purchased PlayStation 4 themes to customize and personalize the user interface of their eighth generation video game consoles. But, as unfortunate as it may sound, most third-party themes available for the PlayStation 4 on PlayStation Network actually suck. Thankfully, there are companies out there that have started to dish out beautiful and amusing themes for the system, and this dynamic Cherry Blossom theme is a great example.

Cherry Blossoms PlayStation 4 Theme Works With Your Console's Clock to Provide a Dynamic Day-and-Night Cycle

Truant Pixel, a group of NeoGAF members who create alluring PlayStation 4 themes, seem to have really put their nose to the grindstone to create this beautiful dynamic theme that stands out from rest of the animated backgrounds available for Sony’s latest console. The theme is named Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival) Dynamic Theme, and there are several things that make it unique and worth your bucks.

Not only is it a good-looking, well-designed wallpaper on its own, but it also works with the time of day set on your console's clock in order to provide a dynamic day-and-night cycle complete with sunrises, days, sunsets and nights alternating on your screen providing a rather charming effect. Check out the screenshots and video demonstration of the Cherry Blossom PlayStation 4 theme below to see how awesome it looks. You can purchase it right now for $2.99 from the North American PlayStation Store.