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Check Out How Bioshock Looks in CryEngine


I have to confess that the original Bioshock is my favorite game of all time. Everything, from its incredible atmosphere, the evident Art Deco influence and art design, as well as the moody music that set up the tone perfectly, along with an incredible story, it all came together perfectly to form an extraordinary masterpiece of a game.

I have many times imagined what the underwater utopia of Rapture would look like on a more contemporary and potent engine. CryEngine definitely gives a darker and more realistic feel to Bioshock, and personally, I would love to get to explore Rapture once again looking like this. You can view some screenshots and video footage below.


Game time

3D Artist
Bioshock Homage
I recreated the opening scene of the first Bioshock game in CryEngine 3.5.8.
Its central part is the Lighthouse, which is rather an entrance to a world under sea. Keeping in style with Rapture, the Lighthouse has intriguing elements of Art Deco.

I loved working on this project, because it forced me to push myself further, having to learn Zbrush for the sculptures and becoming more involved with CryEngines Trackview, Flowgraph and audio systems.
I would like to further push this scene in the future by involving the player into the animations and extend the scene to Rapture itself.

Note: The rocks, decals and some of the audio files belong to Crytek. The music belongs to their respective owners.