CES 2012: The Kinect Is Making It’s Way To The PC on February 1st


In an amazing turn of events this years CES was quite unexpected as Microsoft has decided that while the 2010 released add-on for the XBOX 360 has sold quite well till today Microsoft has decided to continue this success on the PC by selling Kinect FOR the PC. There is of course a down side to this the first being that you will need a different model of Kinect built for the PC and it's also a $100 more expensive than the XBOX 360 model, but maybe Microsoft is planning more Kinect games to release on XBOX 360 / PC simultaneously right?

It came as quite a surprise to us all when Microsoft officially announced that the Kinect was indeed headed for the PC in only a matter of 21 days but considering that they haven't addressed the issue of any launch titles with the game or support for any games on the PC I don't see how the Kinect can possibly be successful on the PC. Mass Effect 3 has been confirmed Kinect Support for the XBOX 360 and this support will undoubtedly be given to the PC too but who in the world would want to use motion sensor over keyboard and mouse for an RPG like Mass Effect on the PC?

While the new Kinect will have two con's:

  1.  It will sell for USD $250 (according to amazon) which is a $100 more expensive than the XBOX 360 version (keeping in mind that there are no Kinect games for the PC at the moment)
  2. You can't use your current XBOX 360 Kinect WITH your PC you will need a dedicated PC model for the full support even though hackers HAVE made the XBOX 360 version compatible with the PC.

I am really anxious to see where the Kinect goes from here and I hope that some worth while games launch on it and not just ports of Kinectimals or Kinect Adventures (not that any of those games are bad in any way but I am just saying that some new games would be cool).