CD Projekt Red and GMG Part Ways For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A lot of controversy has surrounded Green Man Gaming and CD Projekt Red situation over the Witcher 3 digital keys and the internet exploded when it was announced by CD Projekt Red that Green Man Gaming was not an official partner for Witcher 3. Now confusion has surrounded gamers who have bought their keys from Green Man Gaming whether their keys are legit and might or might not get banned. There has been a reply by CD Projekt Red as well which you can find at the end of this article.

CD Projekt Red Spokesman: “GMG is not a CDPR partner for W3 but they still might sell keys that will work”

Earlier today, Green Man Gaming issued a special offer where they sold digital keys for $40 a piece while on the other end CD Projekt Red warned the players that they have not sold any keys to Green Man Gaming hence they are not aware of the source of their keys. Green Man Gaming issued the following situation explaining the following:

“Green Man Gaming has an official contract with, and has been an approved retailer of CD Projekt S.A. (CDPR) products since 11th August 2011. Following a 6 month dialogue with CDPR about the launch of The Witcher 3, we were disappointed that despite the offer of significant cash advances, and other opportunities to officially work together, (we even offered to fly to Poland to discuss in detail how we could and wanted to support this launch), CDPR chose not to engage with a number of significant, reputable, and successful retailers, including ourselves, as they instead focused on supporting their own platform GOG.

We at GMG sincerely believe in getting games to gamers, and offering them a range of buying options to suit their preferences is critically important to this industry; we often go above corporate profits and commercial gain to make this happen. We, like millions of customers, are huge fans of The Witcher series, and have been eager for the launch of this amazing title. We believe that CDPR’s desire to support their own platform by working with retail outlets that would not conflict with their own is greater than that of meeting the demands of their audience, therefore we made the decision to indirectly secure the product and deliver it to our customers. To do this, we reached out to third parties and retailers that were approved by CDPR, to legitimately pass these keys onto our customers. This means that at some point, revenue has been passed directly onto CDPR, and any additional discount on the title is absorbed by us, as we want as many people enjoying The Witcher 3 as possible.

We would heartily welcome a renewed dialogue with CDPR, and are keen to continue to not only support the launch of The Witcher 3, but to keep celebrating and bringing the whole catalogue of CDPR titles to a worldwide audience, as we have done since 2011.”

While gamers continued to wonder about the legitimacy of their keys which they obtained from Green Man Gaming at a discount of $20, CD Projekt Red's issued a statement outlining that Green Man Gaming is indeed not an official partner but that doesn't stop them from obtaining keys from GOG and then sell them at a loss. His full statement said:

“We have worked with GMG in the past for Witcher 2 and they were a legit partner.

We control all digital and the codes, and because we decided not to sell Keys to GMG it came as a suprise that they are doing a special promo without buying Keys from us. We have reach out to ask for the source of they Keys but up until now there was no response. They might sell nVidia Keys (which are not to be sold but gifted with the nVidia promo), or they just bough Keys from gog just like a regular customer and now they resell them with a loss (we cannot prevent anyone from selling something).

They also list Bandai Namco as the published which is not true for w3 (namco is our box distributor in PAL), so GMG is not a CDPR partner for Witcher 3 but they still might sell Keys that will work.”

Well there it is. Now you needn't worry about your keys obtained from Green Man Gaming. Do share your views in the comments section.

Source: DsoGaming

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