CD Projekt Aims To Be Among the Top 3 Game Devs; GOG To Feature Catalogue of Brand New AAA Releases


CD Projekt RED held today a presentation regarding its financial results in FY 2015. After the worldwide success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it is unsurprising to find that their estimates have not only been met but surpassed.

We have already reported some details such as the 20 million milestone for the franchise and the fact that they plan to ship another AAA RPG (not counting the already announced Cyberpunk 2077) in the 2017-2021 period, but the entire presentation is now available in PDF format and it contains some interesting tidbits.

For instance, the updated mission statement and business objectives, both in relation to the games and to GOG.com, CD Projekt's not-so-side business.

Their focus will remain on creating revolutionary RPGs that are able to go straight to the heart of gamers from around the world, so the Polish studio doesn't seem interested in exploring other genres for the time being. Perhaps even more intriguing is their business objective: they want to be counted among the Top 3 game developers in the world, and to ensure that their brands are seared in pop culture.

CD Projekt's objectives regarding GOG aren't any less ambitious.

Apparently, they want to bring a catalogue of brand new AAA releases that will be fully supported by the GOG Galaxy client. This will in turn become a technological foundation that will allow gamers to access games produced by CD Projekt and also to interact with each other, thus creating a community.

GOG will also get support for an Early Access/Game Preview mode in early 2016, which is deemed critical to expand the catalogue of games; indeed, this will allow them to add several indie games which nowadays launch early on Steam and Xbox One for several reasons.

CD Projekt is currently one of the most beloved game developers. Let's just hope that their planned expansion will not change the way they've interacted with gamers and the press so far.