Carl Pei is Teasing a Snapdragon-Powered Nothing Phone


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei is currently teasing an Android and Snapdragon-powered smartphone that could release under his new company Nothing. Pei has decided to take to Twitter and publish a number of tweets that hint at the return of the company with a new smartphone.

Pei started off by tweeting about how he's back on Android and Android 12 is nice. Normal tweets, right? Well, when you see how the official Android and Snapdragon Twitter accounts also replied to Pei, suggesting that there might be a partnership underway, and well, if you put the pieces together, it does sound like we can expect an Android smartphone.

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A Nothing Smartphone from Carl Pei Does Sound Interesting

Still, you can look at the tweets below.

Of course, this is too early to say anything. However, we do have to understand that ever since his departure from OnePlus, Pei's Nothing company has not released a new smartphone. However, if you go back a few months, we talked about how Nothing could actually release their own smartphone in 2022.

Sure, there is still no detail on what the phone is going to be about but judging by Snapdragon and Android, it is safe to say that it is an Android phone. However, we are not sure if Carl Pei is working on a flagship Android, we are also not sure if the phone is going to be running any skin or will it offer a stock Android experience.

Still, it would be exciting to see Nothing make a debut in the smartphone market and it would also be lovely to see if the company manages to make the same dent as OnePlus did when it first debuted.

Do you think a Nothing smartphone would be good? Let us know what you think about this upcoming device.