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Call of Duty: WWII Improves Loot Box Rewards, But Also Makes Them Much Harder to Earn


Earlier this week Call of Duty: WWII dropped an update which introduced a new map, a couple weapons, a St. Patrick’s Day themed Operation, and some fresh controversy! Update 1.11 made some significant changes to the game’s Supply Drops (Call of Duty: WWII’s name for loot boxes) and, perhaps unsurprisingly, some players aren’t happy about it.

On a positive note, you’ll get a better selection of goodies out of every Supply Drop going forward. There will be a wider variety of loot available, far fewer duplicates in each Drop, and relatively useless stuff like pistol grips and gold foil cards will no longer be added to the loot pool. Sounds great! So, what’s the issue?

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Well, according to players on ResetEra and Reddit, Supply Drops, particularly Rare Supply Drops, are now a lot more difficult to earn. You used to be able to earn Rare Supply Drops by completing Daily Orders or Quartermaster Contracts, which are timed challenges that can only be accessed using in-game Armory Credits. Following the update, you can only earn Rare Supply Drops through Weekly Orders and Contracts are now more expensive and difficult to complete.

ResetEra user Brink provides an example – in the past, a typical Contract would cost 150 credits, and require you to, say, kill 25 enemies with a rifle in 20 minutes.  Now, Contracts may cost between 325 and 375 credits, and require you to kill 50 enemies with a rifle over 40 minutes. In other words, Contracts have become a lot more expensive and time consuming. CoD players used to be able to earn three or four Rare Supply Drops during a reasonable two-hour play session. That’s no longer possible. Of course, as Activision would no doubt remind  you, Rare Supply Drops can also be purchased with real-world cash.

You could argue Call of Duty: WWII Rare Supply Drops being harder to earn is fair trade, since the quality of loot has been improved, but it seems like the balance isn’t quite right. The new approach really shuts out more casual players who don’t have Godlike skills or the time to grind for hours on end. Hopefully Sledgehammer continues to tweak the system.

You can check out the full Call of Duty: WWII update 1.11 patch notes, right here.

Call of Duty: WWII is available right now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.