Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Rumored for 2020, Warzone Teases Seem to Back Leaks Up

Nathan Birch
Call of Duty

Rumors have been flying for months about Call of Duty 2020, but it seems things are finally starting to come into focus. We know the game is being developed by Treyarch, with some help from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, and we’ve heard for some time it will have some connection to the Black Ops universe and focus on the Cold War, with at least part of the game taking place in Vietnam. Last month there were even rumors the game would simply be titled Call of Duty: Vietnam.

Well, according to proven CoD insider Okami, “Black Ops” will still be on the box art for this year’s game, which will apparently be titled Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War (obviously the following image is just a mockup made by Okami, not actual box art).

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Another prolific CoD leaker, TheGamingRevolution, has since posted a YouTube video vouching for Okami’s title leak.

So yeah, we don’t know what exact punctuation they’ll use, but it seems likely Black Ops and Cold War will be in the title for this year’s CoD. Meanwhile, Infinity Ward recently opened up a series of previously locked bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone, and what did they contain? How about a nuclear warhead and phones featuring voices speaking in Russian, which translate to…

“All forces, the base is captured! Change the encryption!” “Right away!” “Roger.” “They’re getting closer!”

Very Cold-War-ish stuff, no? Of course, we still don’t have any official confirmation of any of this from Activision or Treyarch, but it does seem like all the pieces are falling into place.

Activision says they're still planning to deliver a new Call of Duty this year, despite COVID-19 disruptions. What do you think? Does the Cold War setting sound promising or were you hoping for something else?

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