Call of Duty: Black Ops, Sniping and Domination gameplay shown

With the release of black ops drawing ever so close we finally have some in game footage of what to expect from the multiplayer of Black Ops, although the game is a Deja Vu of Call of Duty World at War in many ways the game seems promising, although the game doesn't look as attractive as Modern Warfare 2 did visually the new changes are most certainly welcome, now there won't be any more hacked lobbies where people are using cheats or any other means just to earn a lame nuke we can finally  revert back to nuke free gaming without the worry of the game coming to a dead end with a player calling in a nuke.
Black Ops is a very special game and I expect a lot from it although Treyarch dropped the ball twice and Infinity Ward surpassed their standard by MILES  I can only hope that the story of this game is just as addictive as Modern Warfare 2 and there might be a special game mode where co op gameplay is encourage such as the Special Ops in Modern Warfare 2, doing those op's with a friend was the most fun I have ever had on a console, While World at War offered Zombies as a end game bonus it really isn't as good as Special Ops now is it? and in Modern Wafare they offered a bonus mission titles "The Mile High Club" which was a 2 minute mission which took place on an airplane and ended up with you jumping out of it with a parachute. The low point system in World at War and Modern Warfare really made me angry and the infinite wait of leveling made me regret buying both games legit even though I got them for a good price too.
As you can see from the Sniping video the mechanics of Black Ops are no where near that of Modern Warfare and are in fact very similar to that of World at War, not only are the sniping mechanics a flash from the past but the constant radio chattering and even the change of names of killstreak rewards brings back Deja Vu, the "Spy Plane" aka the UAV in Modern Warfare 2 was the name used in Modern Warfare and World at War by Treyarch and the constant radio chatter reminds me about World at War, ALOT.

With new weapons such as the Grim Reaper, which is a ground guided missile I can't wait for this game now that Infinity Ward is dead I am sure that Modern Warfare 3 will either never be made or will NOT be as epic as Modern Warfare 2 was. Alas let's see what the future holds for one of gamings oldest and most beloved FPS franchises.

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