Buying Dead Space 2 will Unlock Issac’s Armor in Dragon Age 2.

Jan 21, 2011

EA has offered Bonus Content for Dragon Age 2 to those who purchase a new copy of the upcoming Dead Space 2 next week. Upon buying the users will get a premium access code with which they can unlock Issac's suit in Dragon Age 2. There are details and a trailer in the post below:

The Armour is only valid till March 31st for the EA account holders which means that you have two months left to unlock the Armour and afterwards the offer will vanish away. The Armour suit is surprisingly similar to Issac's suit and includes the boots, armour, gauntlets and helm of ‘Ser Isaac’. The Armour is also classified as Heavy which means you'll need to level up your character a bit to use it. You can check out the trailer below: