Bungie Bids Adieu to Halo Franchise; I Salute You!

Bungie Studios will forever be remembered for their masterpiece series; Halo. The game started on the original XBOX and eventually the PC, the games continued to rollout for the coming generations of XBOX but the PC version only got the privilege of enjoying the first two games while XBOX and XBOX 360 had the privilege of seeing all of the Chief’s adventures first hand for over a decade of video gaming. March 31st marked the date where Bungie Studios handed the reins of the Halo Multiplayer and the entire Halo Universe to 343 Industries who were behind developing the original Halo in HD by making Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. It was one of the best HD remakes of any video game and did the original game pure justice.

Bungie Studios will always be remembered as the pioneers behind Halo, this single IP paved the way for future FPS on consoles AND on PC’s and will remain a legend to gamers of all kind! Be they console or PC the name Halo will never be forgotten. Halo: Reach is by far Bungie’s last masterpiece and their finest game to be remembered by the game not only received significant praise for the single player and its story but it has one of the best multiplayer communities on the XBOX 360 and is practically what  Counter-Strike is to a PC Player. Bungie studios will be sorely missed but with the announcement of Halo 4 at E3 along with more games in the pipeline it is sad to see Bungie won’t be behind them. Now we make way for the future of Halo and see if 343 Industries can work their magic on Halo 4 as they did with the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.

For those of you who are fans of the Halo universe the below image is a compilation of all the achievements / milestones set by Bungie in its lifespan during their time with Halo, let this image be forever in our hearts and let this be the aim of 343 Industries.

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