Brits Sent 265 Million Text Messages Per Day in 2009

Now that is a huge number. According to the recent report of Mobile Data Association, Britishers sent on an average of 265 million text messages from their mobiles everyday, which comes up to 11 million messages per hour. I am sure that the mobile networks in UK are enjoying the huge revenues coming in from these messages but it also shows that how much people want to stay connected through out the day, either to their family and friends or updating their status on facebook or twitter (social media in general).

The report also adds that there were a total of 97 billion messages sent during 2009 out of which only 600 million were picture messages. The UK mobile market has seen a tremendous growth specially crediting it to Apple's iPhone, social media and cheaper data and text messages plans. The decline in sending picture messages was mainly due to the reason that now mostly people share pictures via their social media page or emails.

The most increase in sending text messages however came at the end of the year where on Christmas 442 million messages were sent during one day and on new year's eve, 874 million messages were sent.

Here are the actual Statistical figures:
Text Messaging (SMS)
Total number of text messages (SMS) sent in:
2009 total 96.8 billion
2008 total 78.9 billion
2007 total 56.9 billion

These SMS statistics can be broken down as follows in 2009:
Year on year growth (2009 vs 2008): 23% growth
Number of text messages sent per day: 265 million

Video and Picture messages (MMS)
Total number of picture messages (MMS) sent in:
2009 total 601 million
2008 total 553 million
2007 total 449 million

These statistics can be broken down as follows in 2009:
Year on year growth (2009 vs 2008): 9% growth
Number of MMS messages sent per day: 1.6 million

Source: The Mobile Data Association

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