Cooler Master Adds Four New Colors to the NR200P


Cooler Master has announced four new colors to its popular NR200P PC case, and these new colors are Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple. These new PC cases utilize the same design as the original NR200P, which allows for up to seven 120 mm fans and feature support for up to Mini-ITX motherboards.

The NR200P PC case now comes in four different colors, allowing for much higher levels of customization for your gaming setup!

The NR200P PC case is highly popular, and Cooler Master has released four new variants, all featuring vastly different colors ranging from pink to purple. These color were selected by Cooler Master's fans on Reddit and is made utilizing thick powder coated SGCC steel ensuring that these cases will stay clean, colorful and durable for many years. "Ever since Cooler Master's inception as a company, we have celebrated uniqueness alongside a community that dares to embrace their inventive identity. With PC setups as a medium for self-expression, the popular MasterBox NR200P is now available in 4 brand new colorways to match bold personalities built to stand out." - Shen Thoo, Case Marketing Manager.

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Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple
Source: Cooler Master

It comes with a choice for side panels, allowing you to choose between a vented side panel for better airflow or a tempered glass side, enabling you to show off your fantastic PC components at a glance.

It can support up to seven 120 mm fans while coming with two Cooler Master's SickleFlow fans for compatibility. This allows for a surprising amount of airflow to the internal components of this small PC case.

In addition to supporting up to seven fans, it can support a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 155 mm, a radiator with a maximum length of 280 mm, enabling even high-end components to run cool under high workloads. This case can support a GPU with a maximum length of 330 mm and a maximum width of 156 mm, thanks to its trip slot GPU support and vertical riser cable.

These new colors are currently available, so if you're in the market for a new and vibrant PC case, then the new colors for the NR200P PC case may be a perfect choice.