Breaking: Steam Stats accidentally leaks what developers and Valve staff are playing – Killing Floor 2, and NASCAR 2014 among the hundreds

A user on the Steam Forums has disclosed a Steam Stats screenshot of what looks like a few accidentally exposed developer titles. Normally Valve would have left this page hidden, but due to some mistake the page was made visible. Among the list are hundreds of titles, including Killing Floor 2, NASCAR 2014, various "internal" versions of games that have already been released, and many more.

Steam Leak: The Complete List

You'll find a screenshot of the complete list below. There are well over 100 titles on this list alone, and that's only counting the games in Valve's secret selection that were being played or had been played that day. One can only imagine the vast amount of sequels and un-announced titles that lie in the shadowy depths of Steam's developer libraries.

Valve picked a very inconvenient time frame to NOT play Half-Life 3.

The Goodies!

With so many unreleased and un-announced games, it's hard to determine many of the goodies. However, if one is to go simply by the popularity of past releases, we've got a handful of some very exciting titles. Among those are a new release of Killing Floor, various new installments of popular sports titles such as F1, NASCAR, Football Manager, and more. We also have some "internal" and "developer" versions of games that are already available, which is pretty normal for games that are still under continued development and patch support. The only way to truly know is to have a look at the list yourself.

Genuine Mistake or Intentional Leak?

It's not abnormal for companies to "accidentally" leak information about upcoming products from time-to-time. Apple, NVidia, AMD, Apple, Intel, and many more have all done it before. Sometimes products are even leaked as a means to test the market's reaction and decide whether or not that product should actually go into development! One can only hope this was a genuine mistake on Valve's part and we really do have Killing Floor 2 (and all the others) coming this year. With the watered-down-PC ideology of the "Next-gen" consoles and tremendous growth of PC gaming, it would make sense for developers to change focus toward the PC even more than they already have.

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