Break the Law in Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC


Unexplored delves, powerful group bosses, and even the occasional bit of skulduggery - the Elder Scrolls Online is taking a turn to the shadier side in its next piece of DLC.

The Thieves Guild DLC game pack will release this March, and includes a whole host of new content for the people still exploring Bethesda's MMO.

As the latest recruit in an organization of ne'er-do-wells, you'll explore Hew's Bane, a new location on the southern peninsula of Hammerfell.

The new DLC pack promises hours of story that will take you around some of the most popular locations of the base game, as you try to avoid death at the hands of the Iron Wheel, a band of mercenaries.

The life of a thief will allow you to profit from a wide array of criminal activities - if that's the sort of thing you're into. A new type of quests - Heists - will let you break into warehouses and homes. This could be a great place to try out the all new skill line, which adds thieving, sneaking, and stealing-related passive skills.

The Maw of Lorkhaj 12-Player Trial will let you breach the gates of an ancient Khajiiti shrine across both a normal and veteran difficulty.

And, of course, there'll be all-new items exclusive to the pack.

Thieves Guild will launch on PC and Mac on March 7th, on Xbox One on March 22nd and PlayStation 4 on March 23rd. It'll be included with an active ESO Plus membership or will be available for 2,000 crowns in the ESO store.