A Boy and His Kite – Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo Detailed

The Unreal Engine 4 demo was first showcased at the GDC event, during the reveal of the Geforce GTX Titan X from Nvidia. It was running on as single Titan X GPU, and it demonstrated the ability of Unreal Engine 4 to render massive open world environments.

Unreal Engine 4 can render open world environments in incredible detail

Today Epic has revealed the key tech features that are implemented in the demo. "A Boy and His Kite" features physically-based rendering, 100 square miles of terrain, ray-tranced distance field soft shadows, full scene HDR reflections, high quality motion blur and DOF, as well as distance field ambient occlusion.  Other features include 15 million pieces of vegetation and a two-sided foliage shaded model. Additionally it features  photometric sampling of real world data and dynamic global illumination from heightfields.

Temporal anti-aliasing was also employed as well as procedural asset placement, subsurface scattering and 500 sculpted blendshapes. Epic Games has made an updated version of the demo available which can be viewed below.



The Kite open world demo created in Unreal Engine 4 features a diverse and beautifully realized 100 square mile landscape. Everything is generated completely in real-time at 30fps and includes fully dynamic direct and indirect illumination, cinematic depth of field and motion blur, and procedurally placed trees and foliage. Get Unreal and get going for free at www.unrealengine.com.


We will bring you any new information on Unreal Engine 4 projects as soon as it becomes available.


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