Bluepoint Games Hiring For Asset Creation For AAA Console Title, Team Might Be Working On Another Remaster

Bluepoint Games is a team those who enjoy playing HD remasters on consoles surely know, as it's the team behind many of them like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the God of War Collection , the recently released Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and the soon to be released Gravity Rush Remastered, among others. The team, however, has also collaborated with other studios to develop original titles in the past, like Titanfall and others. And it seems like the team might be working in collaboration with another developer for a AAA console title.

Earlier today some new job listings have surfaced online on the Bluepoint Games' official website. The team is currently searching for a Senior Technical Artist, a Character Artist and an Environment Artist. Unlike other job listings from the team, it's been specified that these positions are for the development of a triple A title on current home consoles, and not for a remaster.

Bluepoint is looking for an ENVIRONMENT ARTIST to join our team as we work on our latest project. Help us create unique assets for a AAA title and current generation home consoles. Preferably looking for an individual with mid to senior level experience, with a true passion for creating cutting edge environment art. Multiple positions available, both for contract and full-time opportunities.

We obviously don't know which title Bluepoint Games might be working on, but many are speculating that the team will be collaborating with Respawn once again for the development of Titanfall 2.

Interestingly enough, the listings also state that the team working on bringing another classic to current game systems. This project seems to be ambitious, as far as remasters are concerned.

We are passionately at work bringing another classic to current game systems, growing our capabilities as a team and raising the bar for what fans anticipate from us.

Bluepoint Games has released many excellent remasters ,so there's no doubt this yet to be revealed one will be just as good. We don't know much about the matter at the moment, but more should be coming soon.

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